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    Hot nozzle

    Side-feeding rubber hot nozzle with heating ring

    System: side feeding
    Number of holes: 32
    Product: 50ml push rod
    Material: PP
    Color: translucent
    Unit weight: 8.43g
    Operating cycle: 11 seconds
    Injection temperature: 250 ° C

    The product demonstration video is as follows:


    產品照片 (2).jpg

    Product photo Mold test video Shipping video

    The quotation of side feeding hot nozzle with hot runner heating ring provides detailed product information (material, weight, wall thickness, color change, gate requirements...), mold drawings, and professional design engineers will provide you with a complete hot runner solution.

    Advanced processing technology, modern and systematic management methods, and strict quality control
    Important components and materials are imported

    We always adhere to the principle of quality first and create more added value for customers at a better price;

    The price of the heating ring with hot runner for the side feeding hot nozzle: the hot runner is generally customized according to the drawing.

    ISO9001:2015 International Quality System Certification for Hot Runner Industry

    Provide the technical guidance of hot runner throughout the process, from the early mold flow analysis and program formulation to the later free on-site mold installation, mold test and hot runner maintenance